-Live Shows/ Events

Jumperz regularly performs all around the world, and offers you a full package from conceptualization to the most innovative Parkour and acrobatic performance.

Jumperz can tailor-made the performance to suit and adapt your themes.

Jumperz’s performance creates a truly memorable experience every time.

-Lessons/ Workshops

Jumperz provides specific Parkour and Acrobatics classes
in France and in Hong Kong.

School workshop are also available on demand.

*Years of practical training experience
*Qualified and insured gymnast
*Fully insured, experienced coaches.

-Movies/ Commercials

Jumperz got extensive experience with action scenes and
chase choreography for movies and TVC.

On scene as performer or stunt double, also behind the
scene as choreographer or coach for actors.

Jumperz’s mission is to push the boundaries, break the
mould and expand the limits of the human body.


Jumperz has a wealth of experience in Parkour and acrobatics, and are equipped to offer highly specialized knowledge and consultancy advice for any project.

*Stage design